FC Grunewald Berliner Fechterbund e.V. Sportmetropole Berlin

„I've tried it a few times, every time almost successful. But today everything was right and I finally win the White Bear of Berlin.“,
Tristan Tulen (NL) 2019

„ It was a super finale, Tristan did a great job... next time I grab him.“,
Marco Brinkmann (DE) 2019

„For me its almost like a world cup and its amazing that I won. That I did not expect. Its a really good tournament and its really hard. So, its amazing.“,
Jakub Jurka (CZ), Winner 2018

„It feels good, because it is the first international tournament I have won at all. It was a very hard tournament with many many participants.“,
Aymerick Gally (FR), Winner 2017

„The White Bear belongs to Berlin like the Six-Day-Race or the German Football Association’s Final.“,
Jürgen Statzkowski (State secretary senate administration for Interior and Sport) 2016

„Here are top fencers from all over the world and it is not far away from Prague.“,
Pavel Pitra (CZ) 2016

„There is a mass of fencers, of divers fencing styles and of course the possibility to fence against world class fencers.“,
Jörg Fiedler (FC Leipzig) 2016

„As the Berlin Fencing Association, Olympia Park, several associations and the modern penthathletes supported us ,I can say like Angela Merkel: We can do this!“,
Dieter Bergmann (FC Grunewald) 2016

„This win is special for me as I don’t have a lot of titles yet.“,
Niklas Multerer (Heidenheimer SB) 2016

„I think fencing is still a combat sport with a weapon. Many people forget that and just fence nicely and elegant and don’t show any emotions. I throw down the mask and sometimes rage a bit.“,
Toni Kneist (PSV Berlin) 2016

„I always like to be here. Every year they manage to have top participants, helps you to classify yourself for the world cup season.”,
Norman Ackermann (FC Tauberbischofsheim) 2014

„I want to know where I still am.” and “I want to make it as hard as possible for the young people.“,
Elmar Borrmann (FC Tauberbischofsheim), 2011

„It is a weird feeling to fence against people whose coach is in our age.“,
Igor Borrmann (TSF Ditzingen), 2011

„After millions of trys I finally won the white bear.“,
Christoph Kneip (TSV Bayer Leverkusen) 2009

„It will be hewing and stabbing.“,
Dagobert Remus (Tournament Director) 2000



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