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The most tournaments wins were achieved by Alexander Pusch from FC Tauberbischofsheim. He won the “White Bear” six times within 14 years and therefore is the most successful participant in this traditional tournament.

In second place with three wins each are Pavel Kolobkov (Russia), Elmar Borrmann (Germany, FC Tauberbischofsheim) and Jörg Fiedler (Germany, FC Tauberbischofsheim and FC Leipzig).

Haakon Stein (Germany, SC Rei Koblenz), Franz Rompza and Paul Gnaier (Germany, TSB Heidenheim), Rolf Edling (Sweden), Robert Felisiak (Poland), Michael Flegler, Sven Schmid (Germany, FC Tauberbischofsheim) and Tristan Tulen (Netherlands) can look back on two tournament wins each.

17 years, and thus the longest period, Elmar Borrmann put between his first and last win at the White Bear.


Series of wins

Until now only Haakon Stein, Elmar Borrmann, Pavel Kolobkov, Jörg Fiedler and Tristan Tulen were able to win the „White Bear“ two times in a row. A win hattrick has not happened yet in the history of the “White Bear”.


Nation evaluation

Fencers from all in all 17 nations could list themselves on the list of winners. By far in the lead is Germany with 32 wins. Swedish fencers could achieve 5 wins. Poland, Russia and Netherlands made it to 3 wins.


U23 evaluation

The Dane Frederik Von der Osten is until now the only multiple winner in the U23 evaluation. Moreover, he accomplished that two years in a row. Von der Osten was also the first U23 fencer to win the whole tournament „White Bear of Berlin“. Aymerick Gally (2017) from France and Jakub Jurka (2018) from the Czech Republic repeated this great performance.

Tristan Tulen (NL) won the U23 ranking in 2013 with place 3, in 2019 and 2020 he finally won the overall tournament as a senior.



Uwe Proske was the only winner from Berlin In 1991 he won the desired title for the SC Berlin.

Starters record was 1990 with 346 fencers.

Fencers from 31 nations started in 2017: record.



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