FC Grunewald Berliner Fechterbund e.V. Sportmetropole Berlin

The FC Grundwald has been inseparably connected to the history of the “White Bär”. Since 1990 the association directs the organisation and realisation of the high class fencing tournament. Motivated members like Anita Herrmann, Dieter Bergmann, Jutta Boergers or Angelika Bennat have been conntected to the “White Bear” for many years.

It began in 1960 with a relatively small number of participants in men’s épée and women’s foil and later developed to a real mammoth task. Averagely 150 fencers from around 25 nations find their ways to Berlin every year and expect a smooth tournament procedure with a “few extras”. Even for experienced tournament managers like Dieter Bergmann (president of FC Grunewald) this is not always easy: “The association goes wild every time at the turn of the year.”

New Partners

Looking for support it was first looked inside the association and the organisation team of Grunewald was rejuvenated. Another big partner was brought in with the Berlin Fencing Association (BFB) which engaged with the “White Bear” already in 2015 as the federate professional association.

The organisors of the FC Grunewald and the Berlin Fencing Association guarantee to develop the “White Bear” to a furtherly attractive and sustainable tournament format. For this we can count on the great support from our sponsors, partners and the many volunteering helpers. Thank you for that!


Gesamtleitung: Dieter Bergmann, Mario Freund
Financing: Steffen Knoblau, Sabine Weber-Bergmann
Registration: Marian Moldenhauer
Marketing: Dirk Röder, Frank Müller-Rath
Technical Team: Dieter Bergmann, Toni Kneist
Referees: Sven Uentzelmann
Moderation: Christian "The Voice" Holzmacher



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