FC Grunewald Berliner Fechterbund e.V. Sportmetropole Berlin

Horst-Korber-Sport Center

After a long sports break for use as refugee accommodation and subsequent comprehensive renovation work until the beginning of 2018, the Horst-Korber-Sport Center is now also available to the big and small fencers of the White Bear. So all fights are carried out on 24 tracks here, only the final fights on Sunday are traditionally held in the historic dome hall.

The Horst-Korber-Sport Center was built from 1987 to 1990 and is a regional performance center of the Landessportbund Berlin for athletics, handball, hockey and volleyball. The complex's large sports hall measures 88 by 48 meters and holds around 3,000 spectators. It was named after a former Berlin politician and president of the Landessportbund.


Finals in the historic dome hall

The fights of the semi-finals and the finale of the 59th "White Bear of Berlin" will take place on Sunday, 24th February 2019, in the historic domed hall at the House of German Sport. Also the 4 final fights of the 12th "Little White Bear" take place here.

The historic dome hall, which was originally built for Olympic fencing tournaments in 1936, has an elliptical groundplan and a height of 17m. The dome measures 14m diameter and is equipped with 3.400 prismatic telescopes.



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